Are the reusable heat packs safe?
Yes. The heat packs heat to a temperature of 130 degrees farenheit when activated and are made from medical grade vinyl and food-grade sodium acetate.
How do I use the heat packs?
To activate the heat packs, simply click on the stainless steel trigger until crystals form. Then massage the packs to soften and enjoy. When the heat runs out, you can reactivate the pack by placing it in boiling water until the crystals completely dissolve. Let cool to room temperature before reusing. Do not microwave or freeze the pack.
Where are the packs made?
We proudly manufacture our heat and cold packs in Santa Fe Springs, CA.
Do the packs come with a warranty?
Yes, we will replace packs that do not trigger or leak due to manufacturing defects. Please call for further warranty information.
Can I sell your packs in my store?
Absolutely, our packs sell well in a large variety of retail settings. If you would like to learn more about our retail pricing and displays, please contact us and we will walk you through how to best sell our products.
Can I sell your product at trade shows / swap meets?
Yes. Our distributors make full-time and part-time incomes selling our hot and cold packs throughout the country and you can do the same.

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